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ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ my most fav character in tales of (of course Leon Magnus too XD) 
original character ^_^)
art trade with Zaphylla  OwO)+
Diabolik Lovers BL fanbook ShuxAyato*WIP*Size B5 /35 pagesPrice  xxx USDsend mail or tumblr note for order if you’re interested. ^_^)thank you very much!
.........*please read*lol…. do not send any mail to me please and happy april fools day OwO)/
HBD Laito Kanato and my love Ayato   >3<)/ 
9A♥ // take a break from otome game…
Dad and son ; w ;)/ 

wow dialovers bloody songs jacket is really nice i like it

but this’s what i see …..i’m so sorry!! O<—-<

Step painting Ayato-kun http://twitpic.com/dw6p8k
thank you very much! >_<)/